Optimizing your Anchor Text

Optimizing your Anchor Text

What Are Anchor Text?

Anchor text is the clickable text that you see in a hyperlink, which leads to a desired website of your choice. This is crucial for website optimization and SEO

Example of anchor text

So let’s say the Internet is like any major highway.

Highways always have signs that direct traffic and just like a hyperlink; your anchor is your sign to direct traffic to your website. These signs (hyperlinks) send signals to both your website’s users and to search engines. When used correctly, they will connect you to another highway (Website) where you can source credible information from another site.

You can also use them in helping users navigate through your site. Use Anchors and hyperlinks that point to relevant pages.

If you hyperlink a word in your WordPress, (It should look like this) and then went to the edit as HTML you would see your site’s code

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